Hey folks, hope you’ve all be doing great! As you’ve seen in my portraits, I always try to get a unique DOF and Frame without caring for a POV and so happens in my other shots as well.

This time I went to Amritsar, I had decided that I would definitely seek a framing or a POV that that no one had ever tried (atleast the ones that I know of) and I almost got it.

They have stopped allowing people to take a tripod inside the Golden Temple (seems like they will soon stop photography too) and so I had to take this shot with camera handheld; little knowing that when I will process it – there will be a ton of people in the frame accidentally diverting the attention from the main subject.

Took me 2 hours of Manipulation with over 70 layers in PS to get everybody out of the frame and here it is – something different!

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